About TFM

TFM manufactures precision monitoring systems for the fiberglass industry. In the early 1990s TFM built the first working Raw Materials Monitoring System. Today, after many years of research and development, TFM is the leader in bringing innovative monitoring systems to the fiberglass industry.

Until now, fiberglass manufacturers have had to relied solely on the judgement of craftsmen to produce their composites. With the introduction of TFM’s monitoring equipment, the fiberglass industry is now able to implement modern precision manufacturing procedures, greatly improving product quality and reliability, and eliminating costly material overages and defects. In addition, for the first time, TFM’s monitoring equipment provides the fiberglass industry with a truly viable method for applying modern industrial practices, including just-in-time manufacturing and precise inventory control. In addition, TFM Data’s data collection and reports allow for modern manufacturing methods and control over your manufacturing processes. Inventory tracking allows for just-in-time ordering and reduced inventories. We also provide customized solutions to all of your monitoring & measuring needs.

While these market forces are rapidly modernizing the industry, pressure from governmental regulations, particularly in the area of emissions monitoring, is convincing the few remaining skeptics that TFM is a key to the industry’s future. TFM holds a unique position within the industry, providing products and services which are winning propositions for all involved. For fiberglass manufacturers, TFM’s equipment not only significantly reduces their costs, but also provides them with an easy solution to their regulatory obligations.

Our manufacturing plant and headquarters are located in Miles City, Montana. Mel Kernutt is president and chief executive officer.


All of this means significant gains for your bottom line!

Here are some more highlights of using TFM equipment:

-Higher quality parts
-Reduced operator training time
-Reduced styrene emissions
-Centralized data collection of each monitored station
-Increased operator efficiency
-Easy, detailed, accurate record keeping
-Billing accuracy
-Low voltage and explosion proof
-Low maintenance and user friendly
-TFM installation and training
-Toll-free technical support