Barcode Scanning Issues

Our barcode scanner makes it easy to enter application information and ensures accurate entries. It shares the same cable as the keypad and the wiring inside the connector. We wrap the reader in basic plastic wrap to help keep the scanner clean.


Sometimes, you may find the barcode scanner is not reading the barcodes at all. The causes are mostly simple things to check.

First, check the screen. If it is still wrapped, is the wrap smooth or wrinkled? If wrinkled a lot or a little, that could affect the laser sharpness and how well it can read the barcode. Change the wrap if necessary. If there is no wrap on it at all, then check the actual plastic lens. Is it simply dusted with material? Wipe it off with a clean rag. Worst case is that if actual wet material such as resin or gelcoat got on the lens and possible wiped or smudged, then you will have to send in the scanner for repair. Either way, always keep the wrap fresh and free from wrinkles in the lens area.


Next, is the cables. Are they damaged or cracked? Try to inspect the cables all the way to the monitor. Take a look at the connectors and make sure they are still secure.

Speaking of the connectors, it is possible, during normal use, that the cable was pulled from the connector. It may look alright from an overview perspective, but one or more of the thin wires inside the connector could have pulled loose from the pins. You can take a small Phillips screwdriver and loosen the back clamp from the main connector. Inspect the wires.



Another thing to do while you have the connector exposed, is to take a small needle nosed pliers and GENTLY but firmly tug at each wire. If one is loose, even a gentle tug will pop it out of its pin. If that’s the case, yo may have to send it in for repair.



One more thing to check. Are the barcodes themselves in good condition? Check the paper they are printed on and make sure the barcodes are sharp and the free from wrinkles.

At this point, if the above doesn’t solve the issue, then give us a call at 888-222-9828 and we will go from there.


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