Benefits of TFM

Please take a few minutes to read the following for more detailed information on some of the features of the system and how it can benefit.

Using the data it collects while a part is being sprayed or is finished, it can give you, in real time, the material usage for each part. Glass, resin and gelcoat usage are displayed on our various types of monitors as the part is being sprayed. This data is all collected and can be viewed online, using any device anywhere that has internet capabilities.

This same data is used for the various reports within the system. Inventory, glass percentages, operator performance, spray station statistics, EPA information for emissions and other Hazardous Air Pollutants , Mold Tracking and much more are calculated, formatted and displayed in easy to read reports and almost all reports are exportable in pdf format and in easy to import Excel format.

We like to mention, as an example, that a part that has 100 pounds of glass at 33% will weigh 307 pounds, while the same exact part with 28% glass will weigh 357 pounds. 50 pounds of resin was basically thrown away, and a brittle, inferior part was sold.

Having TFM equipment and the data and information collection it provides will also help in a possible warranty and/or liability situation.

Let’s say a customer comes back and says that his product he purchased in 2013 developed a crack or leak. You would be able to search archived data from TFM using the product’s serial number for that customer and see exactly what and how much material was used to make that part, along with glass percentage, and note the in or out of tolerance figures in the report.

Another important aspect of having a TFM monitor is that when your floor supervisor is making his “rounds” he will be able to take note how his operators have their gun set. It has been noted that many operators, after the initial morning prepping of their gun, will adjust their resin output so it will be easy for his “buddies” to roll out when the part is wet. This is usually done after the fact of supervisory checking of “Did you set your gun at 38%?” Using a TFM monitor will display current spray information in real time, making supervisory confirmation quick and on the spot.

Using TFM equipment will enable you to make adjustments in real time to ensure that the part is sprayed within tolerances and is truly a quality product.

Our monitors are mounted above the work area. They are enough out of the way where they cannot get damaged. The sensors we use are generally light maintenance with some simple cleaning required every now and then. Taking care of the equipment will result in little to no cost to maintain.

One thing customers have used the monitors for was as a training tool, for new and experienced operators. For the new operator, learning spray patterns, making adjustments, and hitting the designated weight and glass percentages is easier and quicker to learn using TFM equipment. For the experienced operator, using their skill and knowledge along with the TFM equipment, helps create an even more quality product. In addition, having TFM equipment makes your operators more accountable.

Having TFM equipment is a great sales tool that shows their customers how they can get a quality and in-tolerance part. It also helps a manufacturer quote very competitive pricing on their product.

Here is a little history of about 20 years ago. A TFM representative went to a fabricator in Hood River, Oregon, that made underground utility boxes. He told them he had a monitoring system that would give them the exact amount of raw material they were putting on a part. They scoffed at him stating: “We’ve been doing this for years.” After he left, however, his meeting with them started them thinking. They decided to start weighing their parts. Their designated target was 95 pounds. After weighing them, they found a wide variance of weight ranging from 80 pounds all the way up to 155 pounds.

Short story, they bought three monitors. After using the monitors for a while, they then discovered that 95 pounds was too much. They discovered, by eliminating weight inconsistencies, that structurally, 75 pounds was efficient. Their product was just as durable and strong and cost less to produce than before. They told us that in about a week’s time, the monitors paid for themselves.

Finally, there is our customer service. If any issue needs to be addressed or a question needs an answer, a simple phone call or email is all it takes. Our equipment is made, by hand and machine, by our technicians here in the U.S.A. Their intimate knowledge of how the equipment is constructed and the operation of each piece in a TFM system, makes questions easily answered and issues quickly solved.

While we have hundreds of customers and thousands of monitors installed, there are a lot of companies that really stand out using TFM equipment. Please contact us and we will be happy to give you some references.

I appreciate your time in reading this and hopefully it gave you a better understanding of how using TFM equipment can benefit you more ways than one.

Mel Kernutt

TFM Inc.