Glass Sensor

glasssensorpostThe glass sensor is used for counting glass. We use one glass strand and run it through the funnel guide, over the wheel, and out the brake arm eyelet. The glass strand turns the wheel, which triggers a sensor to send a signal to the monitor that displays exactly how much glass is being used. Pictured below is our Boom Mounted glass sensor.

glasssensorwholeOver time, “fuzzies” may build up around the wheel, brake arm, and the funnel entrance area. Cleaning the glass sensor is a simple as pulling the “fuzzies” off the different areas.

glasssensorpeicesSometimes, major buildup may occur behind the glass wheel itself. It is a good idea, at least once a week, to take the wheel off of the plate (7/16 wrench) and make sure all glass material is cleaned off. This also helps prevent the wheel bearing from becoming clogged and hindering performance of the spinning wheel. When securing the wheel back on the plate, make sure that the magnet side is facing inward.


After a while, the rubber tire will wear down. This can cause the glass strand to “ride” over the wheel groove and not create the spin the wheel needs to activate the sensor, which is tripped by the magnet. It is a good idea to have a few extra rubber tires on hand for replacement when needed.

So, a few seconds of time every day and a few minutes of time every week will keep your glass sensor running and counting!


Pictured here is our patented Motor Mount Glass Sensor. With no glass strings touching any part of the sensor, it is virtually maintenance free.