Barcode Reader

barcodeoptionOur barcode readers are used as an extension to our keypad when entering part information such as serial and part numbers, operator names and weight targets and it couldn’t be easier or faster. Using barcodes virtually eliminates possible errors caused by manual keypad entries and takes only seconds for the operator to scan all the information the operator needs to assign for the part that is about to be sprayed.


LiteBar Alert System

litebarTFM’s Lite Bar is a visual alarm. Instead of an audio alarm when weight had been reached, the Lite Bar displays a green light at 50% completion, a yellow light at 75% completion, and a red light at 100% target weight. The Litebar can be used on all of TFM systems.


Multiple Part Scanning

  We now give you the ability to scan up to 256 parts at once. This is useful for high volume plants where time is of the essence. Once the Reset is pressed, the next part’s information is loaded into the monitor automatically.

Tank Level Monitoring

and coming soon: Temperature and Humidity monitoring.