The TFM Data software is now web-based. Using the data it collects while a part is being sprayed or is finished, it can give you, in real time, the material usage for each part. Glass, resin and gelcoat usage are displayed on our various types of monitors as the part is being sprayed. This data is all collected and can be viewed online, using any device anywhere that has internet capabilities, such as you computer, tablet and smartphones.

This same data is used for the various reports within the system. Inventory, glass percentages, operator performance, spray station statistics, EPA information for emissions and other Hazardous Air Pollutants , Mold Tracking and much more are calculated, formatted and displayed in easy to read reports and almost all reports are exportable in pdf format and in easy to import Excel format.

The great thing about the TFM Data system is that it’s designed so you can utilize it however you see fit.

For more information, watch or download (right click and Save As) our Presentation Video.