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It is a proven fact that fabricators who don’t monitor their raw material usage over-build a minimum of 10%, and most much more, 15 – 20%. Every time you build a part you give away many dollars that come straight off your bottom line.

Using TFM equipment WILL help you reduce costs and along side of the 10 – 20% savings of raw materials, imagine the same 10 – 20% in reduced emissions!

A plant in California at one time was only able to market their product in the mid to northern part of the state. Using TFM equipment and after an evaluation and audit by California’s EPA, they were given clearance to go ahead and market their product throughout the whole state!

Here is a chart that will give you a sample of what your possible savings can be:

savings chart

You can download a pdf version of our Savings Evaluation Sheet that includes the above chart along with “fill in the blanks” so you can compare.


Download our Brochure  (right click – save as) for detailed information on what TFM has to offer and the different systems that are available. Or, click the picture below to open the brochure in a new tab.


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